State of Union – President Obama’s goals

ImageTuesday was the State of Union, where President Obama announced his agenda for the upcoming year. My takeaway is that he wants to work around Congress to accomplish his goals. The President plans to use his Presidential powers to achieve his goals by using executive orders, Presidential memorandums and like-minded leaders. According to CBS-News, there are seven items he plans to solve with executive orders:

–       Minimum wage

–       Retirement savings

–       Family policies

–       Job training

–       Unemployment

–       Environment

–       Universal pre-K

President Obama wasted no time getting his plan into action. On Thursday he was in Waukesha at a General Electric factory where he was talking to the workers about his changes. During his talk, he called on Congress to be more reliable in funding programs, while vowing he wouldn’t let congressional inaction stand in the way.

In my opinion, President Obama demonstrates to the people that there are big problems in the United States, so quick action is needed. I agree that there are big problems because in Austria, where I am from, people usually don’t have more than one job whereas in the States people do.

The Guardian also provides people with the entire State of Union speech online. So people who missed the speech can go back and read it.

According to a study Germans and French are working less than people in the United States. Asian countries like Singapore and Hong Kong are working significantly more. I liked President Obama’s action but it will be a long time before we see change.





Sotshi Winter Olympics are in danger



Every athlete has this dream to be at the Olympic Games. Every minute and hour they spent practicing four years long is because they want to be at the Games. In the last weeks there were a lot reports of security threats in Sotshi, Russia where the Winter Olympic Games will take place.

Police officer reported to the Los Angeles Times: “We are aware of reports of potential threats that may occur during the Olympic Games, including the media accounts we’ve seen of female suicide bombers and a video posted online claiming responsibility for the tragic bombings in Volgograd, that also promised more attacks during the Sochi Games.”

Athletes from all over the world are worried about the saftey of the games. They dont’t know if it is too risky to take their family and friends to Sotshi. The participens are not supposted to have this kind of problems in their mind before they are travelling to the Winter Games.

The russian police gave out warnings about a female suicide bomber which might be in Sochi. Videos are going around the world and people are scared. Last month, 34 people got killed in an attack of Islamic separatist group in Volgograd, which is close to Sochi. The Winter Games are not safe anymore.

 The U.S. is prepared to evacuate cititzens from Sochi at the games in case it should come to an attack said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.  The U.S. is planning to provide additional evacuation and medical care.

 The Olympic Winter Games will start soon. I hope it will be a great and thrilling event and without any incident!


What is happening with Justin Bieber?



Justin Biebers life is going out of control.  Are his “Beliebers“ going to forgive him after he was egging his neighbors house?

Eggs throwing at his neighbours house caught media’s attention. Bieber’s home in Los Angeles was covered with officers. While the police was searching for evidence at his property they found cocain. The officer said “Justin Bieber was there as well. He was also detained, not arrested.“  The police made it clear that they are not only doing that because he is a celebrity. It is a felony crime.

The damage of the neighbours house was added up to a few thousend dollars. How can a couple eggs cause so much damage? The Gurdian says “At present, all we know is that the house next door to Justin is made from “imported wood and brick”.“

Justin Bieber’s life  is not getting any easier by causing problems and turning into a badboy. He needs to stop getting into trouble and change his acting in public.



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