Recent history about Yemen

ImageYemen is a country in the Middle East, which has grown increasingly unstable. Due to increased terrorism and poor population the country joined the Arab Spring in 2011. Social media has helped the global community taking interest in the actions in Yemen, especially the US who sent aid to present further decline.

AQAP ( Al-Queda in the Arabian Peninsula) is the most dangerous terrorist group of all Al-Qeadia franchises. In 2011-2012 the Arab Spring resulted in a new government leaders and over 2000 people died. The Arab Spring spread to other countries and become a global event. The number of tweets rose from 2300 tweets a day to 230,000 tweets a day and the top 23 YouTube videos received nearly 5.5 million views. The media coverage of the Arab Spring is one of the reasons why it increased drastically. “Twitter offers us the clearest evidence of where individuals engaging in democratic conversations were located during the revolutions,” Howard said.

Completing my project about Yemen and Somalia helped me to get a lot of information about the history of Yemen and I know that not only Yemen has big problems. There are also other countries like Somalia and Egypt, which have issues to deal with the Arab Spring. Economically, we are all connected but how we are connected politically and with our consumption of the media is interesting. It makes me feel that we need to be more careful in what we say and how we act.







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