The impact of selfies



Everybody has a different way to express his or her self. This generation uses selfies. For example apps, like Snapchat give people the opportunity to take pictures and people can only see it for a certain amount of time. Most of the people love to take pictures of them self, aka selfies. A Yahoo! study estimates that 880 billion pictures will be taking in 2014. This generation uses selfies to express themselves; even celebrities are already infected.

It is hard to believe that at the Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres  tweeted a selfie with a few celebrities in it and it became the most re-tweeted tweet ever with 3,405,572 re-tweets and broke President Obama’s record. You are not expecting that celebrities are going to take a selfie and even post it on the internet. That is what makes it so cool. Celebrities are showing that they are “normal” human beings like you and me and that they also like to do all the fun things.

A recent example of social change is the “no make-up selfie” trend in which you help people to raise money for cancer awareness. According to Littlehempton Gazette, this trend is arguably more productive than previous viral trends. $3.3M were donated within 48 hours. It has been a very positive change for cancer charities, which are very happy to the outcome of the selfie trend.

Ellen breaks the record in the most re-tweeted tweet by having a simple selfie of a couple of people at the Oscars. It is awesome to see celebrities doing the same thing what non-celebrities are doing. I loved it because it shows me that they are also just human beings and like to do the things what normal people are doing as well.

People always took random pictures of their self, which I don’t like. Although to use it in a way to help raising money is great. It is an excellent idea to help charities in a pretty easy way. It is nice to see that social networks are connected for a good cause.




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