What is happening to Jeopardy! ?

Image     One of my favorite game shows is Jeopardy!. Jeopardy! is a daily syndicated American game show on TV. You need to have a lot knowledge to win against your opponents. It is a show in which participants compete against two others and possibly win money by answering trivia questions. Arthur Chu is the reigning champion with 10 Jeopardy! wins in a row. According to The New Yorker “Only two people have surpassed his ten victories, and Chu has amassed more than two hundred and seventy-seven thousand dollars in winnings.” He creates a lot of attention because not only that he has won 10 shows in a row but more like that he is not very dressy and uses a very aggressive game plan. People think that it is untraditional how he plays. Usually people are playing by going starting at the top and go down the board until the bottom but Chen is jumping around and is hunting for daily doubles. This is what makes him so popular because he is changing the game by not playing in order. Additionally, Arthur Chu, who attends in the show with wrinkled t-shirts and a typical bowl cut, plays into very terrible Asian-nerd stereotype. They even let him live tweeting during the shows and more and more people are following him. Jeopardy! is a great game show and Arthur Chan is changing the show. I think there is nothing wrong with that because the audiences like to see people who make the show interesting and also it is not like he is breaking any rules. It is interesting to see how people react about how he is behaving.


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