Advertisement on Facebook



Advertisement plays a big role in monetizing social networks. Within Facebook, people see constant stream of ads while they are using this platform. This generates billions of dollars for Facebook. With so much recent success, it begs the question, what is the future of advertising on Facebook?

Facebook is the biggest social network with about 1.23 billion monthly users. The last quarter of 2013 Facebook made $2.33 billion off advertisements and $1.4 billion was from mobile advertisements. As an industry, 48% of ad spending still takes place in North America. Conversely, 28% of Facebook users are located in the Asia/Pacific regions, yet only 0.71 percent of the overall Facebook ad spend is dedicated there. It is a great chance for investors to show their ads on Facebook.

Facebook made a huge amount of money and advertisement plays a big role in it. Advertisement companies realize that Facebook is such a powerful social network. Companies can show their ads and encourage people to buy their products, because they have so many people registered on this platform. For instance, in the financial market, Facebook ads are 90% effects at targeting publics.

Personally, advertisements on Facebook are not that annoying compared to other sites. They show ads based on what your “likes” and interests are on Facebook. Overall they don’t distract me while I am at this platform. It is acceptable to have advertisements and I believe sometimes it is nice to have some good ads where they show you for examples sales on a store.








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