Should drones be legal?


Drones also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), are one of the latest resources used to attack enemies across the world. The United States Air Force and British Royal Air Force use them for everything from small-plane intelligence gathering all the way to targeting bombings of persons. Drones do not necessarily have to large in size, as some can fit in a backpack. While the President refers to drones attacks to be “effect and legal,” there are many who disagree with him. The United States has used drones to kill US citizens and opened a debate whether this is legal. There is also a controversial strategy called double-tap, which has resulted in civilian deaths.

Drones are used by the United States to kill terrorist all over the world. In addition there is a big debate that drones get used to kill US- citizens in foreign countries if they are suspected terrorists. According CNN, “The killings of two American citizens by a U.S. drone without a judicial process caused considerable outrage on both the left and the right.” The US drones have killed four US citizens since 2009 according to The Huffington Post

There also a controversial strategy called “double tap.” Double tap is bombing one location and minutes later releasing another bomb on the same location. This has sparked debate because people such as rescue workers and civilian who come to the aide of the original victims can be killed in the second bombing.

I think there should be more oversight in the use of drones. We should not use double tap at all because innocent people get hurt or even killed. Overall, drones are an effect piece of technology but we need to use them in a safer way.




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