Why climate change is a “hot” topic?



According to weather experts, climate change has been a devastating problem in the last years and there is little hope that it will get any better. It can affects more than just how the temperature feels, it has effects on the economy, food supply and animals.

Most recently there was a winter storm that affected the southern United States. According to reports, businesses were shut down and “caused billions of dollars in lost economic activity.” Winter storms are common in the US, but it is very unusual for states in the south. Like Atlanta experienced one week ago. It were not prepared as snow storms are not common there, which has been blamed on the results of climate change.

According to The New York Times, by 2050, the decline in food availability will increase by 20% in comparison to a world with no climate change. Also the prices will rise for the most important agriculture crops, like wheat, rice, etc.  This means food is going to become expensive and hard to come by.

Climate change also affects animals all over the planet. Animals that were built to live in the cold, such as penguins, can’t handle this extreme weather changes. According to NBC News, penguin chicks in Argentina are dying because of extreme weather; it is too hot for their usual climate.  The weather is not the only thing that hurts these animals. They also don’t get the food they need because of lack of food and starvation.

The extreme climate changes are already having dramatic effects on our economy, food supply, and animals on this planet. Without action, drastic effects will continue for everyone.

If this is just the beginning, how much worse can it get?









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