What is happening with Justin Bieber?



Justin Biebers life is going out of control.  Are his “Beliebers“ going to forgive him after he was egging his neighbors house?

Eggs throwing at his neighbours house caught media’s attention. Bieber’s home in Los Angeles was covered with officers. While the police was searching for evidence at his property they found cocain. The officer said “Justin Bieber was there as well. He was also detained, not arrested.“  The police made it clear that they are not only doing that because he is a celebrity. It is a felony crime.

The damage of the neighbours house was added up to a few thousend dollars. How can a couple eggs cause so much damage? The Gurdian says “At present, all we know is that the house next door to Justin is made from “imported wood and brick”.“

Justin Bieber’s life  is not getting any easier by causing problems and turning into a badboy. He needs to stop getting into trouble and change his acting in public.



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