Recent history about Yemen

ImageYemen is a country in the Middle East, which has grown increasingly unstable. Due to increased terrorism and poor population the country joined the Arab Spring in 2011. Social media has helped the global community taking interest in the actions in Yemen, especially the US who sent aid to present further decline.

AQAP ( Al-Queda in the Arabian Peninsula) is the most dangerous terrorist group of all Al-Qeadia franchises. In 2011-2012 the Arab Spring resulted in a new government leaders and over 2000 people died. The Arab Spring spread to other countries and become a global event. The number of tweets rose from 2300 tweets a day to 230,000 tweets a day and the top 23 YouTube videos received nearly 5.5 million views. The media coverage of the Arab Spring is one of the reasons why it increased drastically. “Twitter offers us the clearest evidence of where individuals engaging in democratic conversations were located during the revolutions,” Howard said.

Completing my project about Yemen and Somalia helped me to get a lot of information about the history of Yemen and I know that not only Yemen has big problems. There are also other countries like Somalia and Egypt, which have issues to deal with the Arab Spring. Economically, we are all connected but how we are connected politically and with our consumption of the media is interesting. It makes me feel that we need to be more careful in what we say and how we act.







The impact of selfies



Everybody has a different way to express his or her self. This generation uses selfies. For example apps, like Snapchat give people the opportunity to take pictures and people can only see it for a certain amount of time. Most of the people love to take pictures of them self, aka selfies. A Yahoo! study estimates that 880 billion pictures will be taking in 2014. This generation uses selfies to express themselves; even celebrities are already infected.

It is hard to believe that at the Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres  tweeted a selfie with a few celebrities in it and it became the most re-tweeted tweet ever with 3,405,572 re-tweets and broke President Obama’s record. You are not expecting that celebrities are going to take a selfie and even post it on the internet. That is what makes it so cool. Celebrities are showing that they are “normal” human beings like you and me and that they also like to do all the fun things.

A recent example of social change is the “no make-up selfie” trend in which you help people to raise money for cancer awareness. According to Littlehempton Gazette, this trend is arguably more productive than previous viral trends. $3.3M were donated within 48 hours. It has been a very positive change for cancer charities, which are very happy to the outcome of the selfie trend.

Ellen breaks the record in the most re-tweeted tweet by having a simple selfie of a couple of people at the Oscars. It is awesome to see celebrities doing the same thing what non-celebrities are doing. I loved it because it shows me that they are also just human beings and like to do the things what normal people are doing as well.

People always took random pictures of their self, which I don’t like. Although to use it in a way to help raising money is great. It is an excellent idea to help charities in a pretty easy way. It is nice to see that social networks are connected for a good cause.



What is happening to Jeopardy! ?

Image     One of my favorite game shows is Jeopardy!. Jeopardy! is a daily syndicated American game show on TV. You need to have a lot knowledge to win against your opponents. It is a show in which participants compete against two others and possibly win money by answering trivia questions. Arthur Chu is the reigning champion with 10 Jeopardy! wins in a row. According to The New Yorker “Only two people have surpassed his ten victories, and Chu has amassed more than two hundred and seventy-seven thousand dollars in winnings.” He creates a lot of attention because not only that he has won 10 shows in a row but more like that he is not very dressy and uses a very aggressive game plan. People think that it is untraditional how he plays. Usually people are playing by going starting at the top and go down the board until the bottom but Chen is jumping around and is hunting for daily doubles. This is what makes him so popular because he is changing the game by not playing in order. Additionally, Arthur Chu, who attends in the show with wrinkled t-shirts and a typical bowl cut, plays into very terrible Asian-nerd stereotype. They even let him live tweeting during the shows and more and more people are following him. Jeopardy! is a great game show and Arthur Chan is changing the show. I think there is nothing wrong with that because the audiences like to see people who make the show interesting and also it is not like he is breaking any rules. It is interesting to see how people react about how he is behaving.

Edward Snowden – NSA Spying


I interviewed Edward Buckley who is a software company, peerFit, about the Edward Snowden leaks. As someone who works in the technology industry, Buckley has a unique position on this issue. The Edward Snowden leaks sparked international debates on government spying.

Edward Snowden is a computer specialist and also former contractor of the National Security Agency (NSA). The government has been collecting date from technology companies. He was working for the government until he told people that they are breaking the law and doing illegal collections of data. Since then he settled down in Russia. For example, apple is giving their data to the NSA to hack into iPhones. Nothing is secret anymore the NSA has control over everything and it is an ongoing story. BBC and Aljazeera America are two news sources, which covered this story closely.

According to Buckley, people are getting scared because they don’t know if they can trust the company anymore. The government can get everybody’s data and there is a chance that they can shut down the company. Spying on companies makes leaders angry. He says that companies are getting used and if you don’t cooperate you are getting down. The government has such a big power that they can do whatever they want.

According to BBC, there has been one person named John DeLong who has been trying to ensure the system is not abused for a number of years. Great Britain spies have developed some tricks to use against nations, hackers and terror groups.

Aljazeera is a news website from the middle – east. They provide people with a slideshow of articles of the whole process from June 5th, 2013 until  February 10th, 2014. According to Aljazeera America the slides reveal is that the NSA collected almost 3 billion pieces of intelligence on U.S. citizens in February 2013 alone.

I can totally understand Edward Buckley’s concerns. Technology companies are not safe anymore and it brings a lot of civil commotion to their customers. It will be very hard to stop somebody who has the most powerful position. NSA has the power and control of each one of us and it is an story which will not end so fast.


Advertisement on Facebook



Advertisement plays a big role in monetizing social networks. Within Facebook, people see constant stream of ads while they are using this platform. This generates billions of dollars for Facebook. With so much recent success, it begs the question, what is the future of advertising on Facebook?

Facebook is the biggest social network with about 1.23 billion monthly users. The last quarter of 2013 Facebook made $2.33 billion off advertisements and $1.4 billion was from mobile advertisements. As an industry, 48% of ad spending still takes place in North America. Conversely, 28% of Facebook users are located in the Asia/Pacific regions, yet only 0.71 percent of the overall Facebook ad spend is dedicated there. It is a great chance for investors to show their ads on Facebook.

Facebook made a huge amount of money and advertisement plays a big role in it. Advertisement companies realize that Facebook is such a powerful social network. Companies can show their ads and encourage people to buy their products, because they have so many people registered on this platform. For instance, in the financial market, Facebook ads are 90% effects at targeting publics.

Personally, advertisements on Facebook are not that annoying compared to other sites. They show ads based on what your “likes” and interests are on Facebook. Overall they don’t distract me while I am at this platform. It is acceptable to have advertisements and I believe sometimes it is nice to have some good ads where they show you for examples sales on a store.







Should drones be legal?


Drones also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), are one of the latest resources used to attack enemies across the world. The United States Air Force and British Royal Air Force use them for everything from small-plane intelligence gathering all the way to targeting bombings of persons. Drones do not necessarily have to large in size, as some can fit in a backpack. While the President refers to drones attacks to be “effect and legal,” there are many who disagree with him. The United States has used drones to kill US citizens and opened a debate whether this is legal. There is also a controversial strategy called double-tap, which has resulted in civilian deaths.

Drones are used by the United States to kill terrorist all over the world. In addition there is a big debate that drones get used to kill US- citizens in foreign countries if they are suspected terrorists. According CNN, “The killings of two American citizens by a U.S. drone without a judicial process caused considerable outrage on both the left and the right.” The US drones have killed four US citizens since 2009 according to The Huffington Post

There also a controversial strategy called “double tap.” Double tap is bombing one location and minutes later releasing another bomb on the same location. This has sparked debate because people such as rescue workers and civilian who come to the aide of the original victims can be killed in the second bombing.

I think there should be more oversight in the use of drones. We should not use double tap at all because innocent people get hurt or even killed. Overall, drones are an effect piece of technology but we need to use them in a safer way.



Why climate change is a “hot” topic?



According to weather experts, climate change has been a devastating problem in the last years and there is little hope that it will get any better. It can affects more than just how the temperature feels, it has effects on the economy, food supply and animals.

Most recently there was a winter storm that affected the southern United States. According to reports, businesses were shut down and “caused billions of dollars in lost economic activity.” Winter storms are common in the US, but it is very unusual for states in the south. Like Atlanta experienced one week ago. It were not prepared as snow storms are not common there, which has been blamed on the results of climate change.

According to The New York Times, by 2050, the decline in food availability will increase by 20% in comparison to a world with no climate change. Also the prices will rise for the most important agriculture crops, like wheat, rice, etc.  This means food is going to become expensive and hard to come by.

Climate change also affects animals all over the planet. Animals that were built to live in the cold, such as penguins, can’t handle this extreme weather changes. According to NBC News, penguin chicks in Argentina are dying because of extreme weather; it is too hot for their usual climate.  The weather is not the only thing that hurts these animals. They also don’t get the food they need because of lack of food and starvation.

The extreme climate changes are already having dramatic effects on our economy, food supply, and animals on this planet. Without action, drastic effects will continue for everyone.

If this is just the beginning, how much worse can it get?